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New bells and whistles at Catch of the Day
Streaming on demand, playlists now on Apple Music

June 28, 2020

Aloha, friends! Two exciting pieces of news to share with you today.

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Opera as it was
Will Crutchfield's Teatro Nuovo--and his Record of the Week

June 27, 2020  •  Air Mail

"You can't turn back the clock and shouldn't try," says Will Crutchfield, who in his precocious youth walked away from a likely promotion to chief music critic of the New York Times to pursue dicier adventures as a musicologist-conductor of decidedly antiquarian leanings. Over the past two decades, his summer series Bel Canto at Caramoor, in Westchester County, resurrected 19th-century Italian masterpieces, many of them unjustly neglected. From the ashes of that admirable initiative, Crutchfield has now created Teatro Nuovo.

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How to stream "Catch of the Day," wherever in the world you are
Seven days to listen in, in real time or on demand

June 26, 2020

As regular readers of these posts know, I host a twice-monthly, 90-minute radio show at KMNO, Manao Radio 91.7 FM, an all-volunteer station in Wailuku. CATCH OF THE DAY focuses on new releases (and re-releases). Although the playlists skew classical, there are lots of surprises, punctuated by off-the-cuff, highly subjective commentary. My time slot is noon to 1:30 pm (Hawaiian time) the first and last Sundays of the month. Recaps of the shows appear, sometimes with considerable delay right here.

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P.S. on "Creating 'Der Rosenkavalier'"
Dogs that didn't bark in the night

June 21, 2020

An afterthought. As noted in my remarks on Creating "Der Rosenkavalier, Harry Graf Kessler was said to have known "everyone." Two he seems not to have known, however, despite extensive French connections, were Louis Artus (1870-1960), librettist of the forgotten Ingénu libertin (1907), and Claude Terrasse (1867-1923), the composer.

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review of Creating "Der Rosenkavalier": From Chevalier to Cavalier

June 20, 2020

In Creating "Der Rosenkavalier": From Chevalier to Cavalier, Michael Reynolds unravels the secret history of one of 20th-century opera's few enduring hits. Turns out its most distinctive strokes of theatrical genius come straight from L'Ingénu libertin (1907), an operetta that wowed Paris for one heady season and then was seen no more. Louis Artus, the librettist, and Claude Terrasse, the composer, both prolific, are footnotes today.[*]

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